ankhanu (ankhanu) wrote in ankhanu2,

Been a bit.

Uh yeah, here I am :P
My Parks job ended Feb. 26; I got a last minute extension (came through Thursday the 4th, the 5th was to be my last day)... The posting for the job at Rideau Canal was limited to people within 150km of the historic site, so I didn't qualify (being ~1,500km away). I'm still unemployed a month later, with few prospects. I did apply for a last minute job posting last night to work as a database manager/analyst with the Canadian National Collection of Insects, Arachnids and Nematodes in Ottawa last night. I doubt I'll get it, but I've applied. There are also a couple positions being advertised with the Maritimes Breeding Bird Atlas and one as a terrestrial ecologist with Avision Management Services (looks to be a forestry company) in BC/AB that I'm going to apply for.

I've been continuing to try to finish writing my thesis, with minimal, though some results :P There's no real excuse for not getting it done at that point; I'm not doing anything other than providing transportation to/from work/school for my wife/daughter... though the timing of those efforts doesn't always work out with a good time frame to really let me hunker down and work. "Oh, I have to leave in 30 minutes... I don't really have time to start..." Excuses are easy to make.

I've been playing guitar more since I've been home; I'm still loving my Jaguar, and have taken some efforts to fix its shortcomings. I've restrung it with a heavier gauge string (d'Addario EXL115W) and made some bridge adjustments, and it plays even nicer than before. I found the tone a bit bright and brittle at first, but, tweaking the amp settings (which had be optimized for my Telecaster), I'm loving the tone... even the bridge pickup, which is a commonly disliked in the Japanese models.
My project right now is learning to play 2112 by Rush; 20.5 minutes of awesomeness. A lot of it is beyond my current abilities, but I'm making my way through the various components of III - Discovery and IV - Presentation. I know that the solo-y stuff later and in I - Overture and II - Temples of Syrinx will elude my slow, inaccurate fingers for a while. I'd love to eventually perform it with a band, but I know that'll never happen even if I fully learn it :P
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