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My friends, don't just sit there and ruminate...

I love and loathe this time of year. Spring is coming... but it's a goddamn tease!

Through the week I've come out of the house to be met by a song sparrow singing in the tree near by, starlings are pulling out their impressive repertoire of sounds... I've just been wearing my hoodie as a jacket... even collected my first beetle of 2008 on the wing (some sort of dung beetle). It's been bright and warm... or at least warm, through most of the week. Then Saturday and Sunday, we had snow... Saturday's even accumulated a bit. Just warm up already!

Only two more weeks until I leave PEI. I write my exam for the seminar course on the 25, then I just have to tie up some loose ends and head home. It'll be nice to be home with my wife and daughter again... but I will miss certain elements of the independence I have here. Not having to be home by a certain time and only having to worry about me while I'm working makes the academic life MUCH easier, and makes deciding to take up an offer to be social easier as well... but it'll be nice to have the girls in my life back in my life. They've both grown a lot in the time I've been away.

Amy and I are probably going to take some vacation time this year... as we never really have had the opportunity to do so. I've either been working or in school through the year... If I'm in school, I don't have time to take off; if I'm working, it's on short contracts without provision for vacation time. Add on to that having no money and it means that we can't afford the time off. But, Amy's getting some vacation pay, and I'm just going to be writing this summer, so we're going to see what we can afford. Amy was thinking of hitting Montreal and visiting my brother, amongst other things to do there... but chances are just the fuel for the trip will be too expensive. Chances are that Halifax and/or PEI is more likely. I think I'd like to pop by here some time in the summer to experience it not being winter (and I hear it's much better here in the summer) and to introduce my wife to the few friends I've made here. We'll see what happens.

We still haven't heard back on the state of funding for the Yukon sampling trip. I really hope the funding comes through and I get to visit the tundra and sample insects... but at the same time, it's terribly scheduled in terms of my personal life, as two very important friends are getting married when I'll be up there. I want to be here for their wedding... but I want to sample the arctic as well. Bad timing. Again, we'll see what happens.

"We'll see what happens"... seems to be a running theme in my life. I make some big decisions with that phrase... such as "So... are we going to get married?" "Sure. We'll see what happens..."

EDIT: Um, checking my previous posts, it seems I didn't mention the Yukon thing on LJ yet... clarification!!
My supervisor here at UPEI was contacted previously in the winter by the federal government about taking part in a biodiversity survey in the northern Yukon (like... coastal Northern), sampling aquatic insects in (probably) the last two weeks of June. She's a little overbooked with other projects and conferences around that time, so offered the spot to me, providing the necessary instruction (I'm familiar with several aquatic sampling techniques now, but refreshers are always good). Now, for someone in my position, this is an incredible opportunity. Not only will it look phenomenal on a CV, but it's a genuinely useful and exciting experience to... well... experience. I told her I'd do it.

As with many things with the Canadian government, the funding is quite tenuous and we might not find out whether it's secured until about two weeks before the trip. We're still waiting to see what happens there. THEMES!
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