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Sounds that build high like a mountain; Or notes that fall gently like rain

My 5mo. term as Resource Conservation Technician at the CB Highlands National Park is winding to a close. I've only got until February 5th, though there is a fair possibility of an extension. The acting manager of Resource Conservation has been off over the past week or so due to a family loss, so the paper work my supervisor's done to transfer left over budget to salary budget hasn't been processed... we should have a better idea of how likely things are later this week or next, perhaps... Here's hoping.

All in all, I've gotta say that I still quite enjoy this job, it's unfortunate that it's not permanent, and that it's 6mo. seasonal when it is permanent... I could handle 9mo. seasonal even, but 6mo. is too short and requires another 6mo. permanent seasonal job on opposite rotation to maintain (unrealistic, I'm sure). However, aspenjade came across a job posting that is essentially what I'm doing now, but at the Rideau Canal National Historic Park... I must have missed it in the internal postings (or it just went public immediately).  I'm going to contact the director from work tomorrow.  That would put me close to a couple friends in Ottawa and Cornwall :)

My birthday was nice and quiet; I'd forgotten it was even my birthday until late in the day :) No cake, no presents, just a day like any other. aspenjade and I did get home made cards and small gifts from Elania, though, (on Friday) that were nice. Glad she enjoyed the birthday idea anyway. aspenjade got to go to work for her's today :P

After about 15 years, and lots of saving, I accidentally got a Jaguar, as seen in the first picture of my 365 project. It's a Japanese factory '66 Classic model, a limited run 2009 model, with block inlays and bound neck. All in all, I quite like it; the short scale is extremely easy to play, and the tremolo system is much nicer to use than, say, a Floyd Rose or Synchronized trem... and doesn't feel quite as constrained in its motion as a Bigsby. The pickups are a bit thin sounding... but, well, it's a Jag :P I'm not too big on the bridge and the tuning isn't as stable as I'd like; which means I have to do some minor modding of the saddles, or I'll just replace the bridge with a Mustang bridge (perhaps a modified Mustang bridge from Warmoth, so I can adjust saddle height). I love playing the guitar and it gets some pretty sweet early 80s, late 70s new wave/dark wave/goth tones, great surf sounds and a good bit of bite for rock. The output isn't as hot as I'd like however, with lower volume output than either my Tele or Exit 22; which may be attributed to the capacitors in the tone circuits increasing resistance, I'm not sure.
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