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There are powerlines in our bloodlines

Yet another long stint without looking at livejournal... go me.

We have a new apartment; moved in about two weeks ago. It's not a bad little place, though it has caused me issues with my ISP. I could go into the whole story, but suffice to say, I'm getting screwed over due to the actions of the ISP workers and prior tenants in the apartment. I'm still trying to get it cleared up, and hopefully get compensated for the week of being denied internet service, or if they choose not to serve me, to get my $100 back.

Work is still ass. I'm still at the Source doing consumer electronics retail in the dirt mall. I did, however get an offer for a job as a wildlife technician in the highlands. It's temporary and doesn't pay well... and I may have to turn it down. As it stands, we're barely able to afford living (we haven't had groceries this week), and if I take the job the minor increase in pay will be terribly offset by the cost of a second rent in the Highlands, 150km of distance between my work and our current apartment, the fact that Amy would be without a car while I'm up there, etc. In short, I don't think I can afford to take the better paying job that I'd be happier working. It's a little painful.

I joined the cellular phone owner community. Never really thought I'd do it... but here we are. I grabbed an iPhone 3G S, 16Gb at the beginning of July with 6Gb of data per month (if this ISP thing doesn't get cleared up, I may be doing a lot of tethering) and a texting voice plan. I don't think I'd have ever picked up a different phone, though... I still have no interest in using a cell phone, but the nice applications and computer features, and the great interface of the iPhone made it about the only acceptable choice for me. Other than shitty Rogers network coverage in Cape Breton, I'm pretty happy with the device.

The thesis battle is ongoing. I've been procrastinating something fierce over the past several months, but I sent in another chapter draft last week for the first time in about 5-6 months, so that's something. I am buckling down to get this shit done with.

So, yeah, not a lot going on. Work and life complications have meant that I've been too busy or tired to do anything fun in the past several months. I did manage to get to the beach once this year though, which was nice. I wasn't able to catch any of the plays my friends have been in, I don't get out to music shows, the band I'm in is kinda falling apart (though the guitar player and I have plans for another project), and just in general things aren't going terribly right, but things could certainly be worse, so I'll just grin, bitch and endure :)

Have fun livejournal.
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