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I'm not so jazzed about it, 'cause I just get razzed about it

I've uh... sucked at even thinking about maybe considering looking at Livejournal since my last entry. I know you've all been eagerly awaiting my next little expose; I apologize.

I'm about a month past my two years with my thesis. This is almost entirely due to procrastination (i.e. now), but some of it is due to exhaustion and sickness. I ended up with Bronchitis about a month before the last Entomological Society of Canada annual meeting (in Ottawa, ON), which slowed me down somewhat... but I still did a presentation, which I think went pretty well. I'll have to talk to my supervisors for info on how to get feedback from the judges at the conference. Once I got over the bronchitis, well, it was Christmas season, and I'm working retail at The Source by Circuit City (formerly Radio Shack... soon to simply be The Source)... so was pretty tired from working, and I got sick again around Christmas time, slowing down my work progress. After that, I spent most of January barely making progress, but I think I'm back on track now. Hopefully things will be wrapped up within a month.

As it stands, the thesis is five chapters; an intro/lit review, detail of the study site, collection methods and determinations, an inventory of Carabidae, Staphylinidae and Curculionoidea, comparing the diversity of beetles among grazing/management treatments on the pasture, and comparing beetle community structure among treatments. The last two chapters will be made into 2, maybe three papers; the inventory chapter will contribute to a larger inventory paper. I've submitted a couple drafts of chapters 2-4, with the intro/lit review being adapted from my proposal, and the last chapter being a little bit of a stumbling block. Good fun.

Other than that, in May or June I started playing bass for This is a Blackout! (Myspace, Facebook group, Facebook Fanpage) It's been pretty fun; we're not great, but hey, we're lazy :P I'm really glad to be actually making use of the Fender Aerodyne Jazz Bass I bought just before Jedi Mind Trick fell apart. I could still use a new, reliable bass amp :P

I also started playing some D&D with some new people, thanks to Jon and Adrienne. They still have to cancel quite a bit, but the new folks are generally available, so we're still able to play, or substitute with some boardgames when they can't make it. It's nice to meet new people with similar interests, who are also pleasant.

So yeah, not a lot's been going on... but I've been busy, and busy not being busy (damn procrastination). I look forward to this thesis being written... yet continue to procrastinate, albeit less.
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