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She's 5

Sometimes the insight and compassion of children can be surprising.

I'm now back home, I moved back to Sydney on Sunday. Last night I was sitting with my daughter and "How it is Made" was on TV (she loves "the making show") and they were showing how toilet paper is made. Pretty early in she matter-of-factly tells me that paper is made from trees (about the time that paper for recycling is being shown on the screen), but then asks how they make trees into paper. I explained to her that they break the wood up into fibers, then stick the fibers together in sheets to make paper. She then asked if they cut down the whole tree to make paper, to which I told her they generally did. She thought for a few seconds then said "if they cut down the trees, where will the birds live?"

This little insight prompted me to then give her a little talk about resource conservation and not wasting the things we use, as most of the things we use (ie paper) come from destroying things, and when we waste them more things have to be destroyed, and this hurts the world and makes it hard for many things to live, like the birds and the squirrels in the forests.

It does rather please me that she makes these sorts of connections she does.
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